Warning to Parents

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Unregistered Sex Offender – Floyd E Rupple, Jr – Date of Birth: May 2, 1956 – Date of death: circa April 24, 2016


My name is Eric Lewis. This man, Floyd Elmer Rupple, Jr, sexually molested my baby sister. The self-confessed molester escaped justice via the Statue of Limitations and now is attempting to silence his victim.

But there may be other victims for whom the statute still runs. For that possibility, and to help amplify Suzanne’s voice, this site exists.

This is my crude attempt at warning my community, having been denied better.


(Update) Site under attack. The molester has decided to attempt to shut up his victim. Complaint. It’s all lies, he says. Is he really “a successful corporate executive and family man with a religious background” and “held in high regard by the community”? Now a jury will decide. Montgomery County Court docket, case 2012-27097.

West Chester, Pennsylvania